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As 2018 downed its curtains, let’s take preview of 2019 and what awaits us. We explore everything and everyone associated with oil. STEVE AUSTIN | 2019/01/07 Last year, we gave out five blazing predictions as we stepped into a brand new 2018. And, how did we fare? Well, the year isn’t new anymore but we […]

Oil prices are high again. However, there’s not much to cheer about for Saudi Arabia. STEVE AUSTIN | 2018/11/01 For a nation, what’s a year? Well, in the timing of the bigger picture, not much. Still, a year can cast its shadows long and fast. Essentially, as I was analyzing the ebb and flow of […]

President Trump’s stance on Iran will send oil past $150 a barrel. STEVE AUSTIN | 2018/08/07 After scaling a three-year high of $79 a barrel, oil prices fell taking a nine percent drop on the back of better supplies, resumption of Libyan oil production and increased Saudi oil output. But the reversal began soon enough […]